This website saves so-called “cookies” on your computer or, more precisely, in the clipboard of your Internet browser (e.g. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome) on your user account of the computer (or phone) on which you connect to the Internet.

Thanks to the cookies used on this website in web statistics systems, the author of this blog knows how many users look at this blog, what they specifically read, and what they skip. This makes it possible to continuously improve this blog. In addition, cookies are used on this website for the correct operation of social plug-ins, which allow you to easily publish posts from this blog on social media sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest.

If you feel that the presence of cookies violates your privacy, you can disable them at any time – either for a specific website or for all connections from your browser in general (Please note that this may result in the inability of selected website functionalities to function).

How do I disable cookies in your browser?
Below are instructions for disabling cookies in popular web browsers. If your browser does not fit any of the descriptions below, please look for help on the browser developer’s website or in the browser’s help file.

In addition to being able to clear cookies, this browser allows you to view a detailed description of the browser’s privacy features. To clear cookies and other browsing data, click on the button with three horizontal dashes on the right side of the address bar – from the menu that appears, select “Tools” and then “Clear browsing data”. For a detailed description of your browser’s privacy features, please see the “More information” link.

This browser provides you with the option of specifying whether you do not want to be tracked via cookies at all or whether you want to delete specific cookies of specific websites. To specify these settings in the “Tools” menu, select “Options” and there the “Privacy” tab.

Using a special slider, you can determine your overall level of privacy. In addition, using the “Websites” button, you can decide on settings for specific websites.

To specify these settings in the “Tools” menu, select “Internet options” and there the “Privacy” tab.

Using the “Opera” button in the top left corner, open the menu and select “Settings” and then the option “Clear browsing history”. In addition, there is a button “Manage cookies…”, which allows for more advanced management of options for individual web pages.

Using the “Safari” menu, select “Preferences” and there the “Privacy” tab. This tab contains extensive options for cookies.

Mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices
Each type of mobile device, may handle such functionality differently depending on the type of device and platform used. Therefore, please refer to the privacy settings in the help file, documentation or user manual for your particular device or operating system.