BEWA home shelters

Invest now in a secure future . Build your own shelter. Protection discreetly in your garden.

What are prefabricated general-general purpose shelters

Prefabricated general-purpose shelters are carefully designed structures that will help your family survive even in an extreme situation. They combine a simple, functional design with perfect workmanship and the highest quality materials. As a result, they are affordable and at the same time adapted to fulfil a protective function in the event of war, but also, for example, natural cataclysms and other similar events.

The shelters are available in several variants to suit a variety of needs. They can also be modified according to the investor’s individual wishes. Inside, space is provided for sleeping, working and resting. It is possible to designate a bathroom, kitchen or even a separate bedroom. Depending on the order, the buildings can be equipped with power supply systems, ventilation and all other installations needed for living. They are available in variants for one or two people, as well as for a family of several people.


Shelter made of only the highest quality materials


Can be tailored to individual customer needs


Through the use of prefabricated elements, installation time is significantly reduced


Monolithic construction allows installation even in the garden

BEWA shelters are a way to sleep more peacefully in times when threats seem only to pile up and increase. They are the answer to situations we may find ourselves fighting to survive. With customisable sizes, arrangements and equipment, they are suitable for everyone.

A huge advantage of the shelters offered by BEWA is that they can be used as a basement on a daily basis. The structures are ideal for storing long-term food and various necessary items for which there is no room at home. They are therefore not only safe, but also functional.


The design of the BEWA shelters is well thought out in every detail. Each has two manholes protected by steel doors that are watertight, fireproof and resistant to high pressure. The walls are made of reinforced concrete. Depending on the order, the structure can be supplied in a range that includes the necessary extras including, but not limited to, a drinking water and sewage tank, an electrical system and water pump, a toilet – everything needed to survive in an emergency. It is possible to order a shelter of either a dozen or several tens of square metres in size – depending on individual needs and preferences. The use of prefabricated elements allows buildings intended for use as shelters to be built easily and quickly. Mounted underground, they provide protection in the event of various unforeseen events and allow one to prepare for the worst scenarios.


Shelter Safe 3

The basic version of the shelter in the smallest form available. The shelter is ideal for installation in small spaces.

Shelter Safe 4

A larger version of the shelter in Safe 3. The shelter is ideal for mounting in a small space with the aim of accommodating a larger number of users.

Shelter Safe 6

The largest shelter available. Designed for installation on large plots of land. Most comfortable and large in volume.