Prefabricated shelter

Prefabricated shelter Safe 6

Invest now in a secure future . Build your own shelter and become independent. Secure protection discreetly in your garden.


Technologia zastosowana w schronie Safe 6

The construction of the elements for the shelter, assembled within one day, is currently the fastest solution on the market. The stable reinforced concrete construction, thanks to the use of BEWA technology, makes it possible to adapt the size of the shelter to the Investor’s requirements. The assembly of the technical equipment of the shelter is to be carried out in the prefabrication plant.

  • Use of simple and fast technologies
  • Ready to use in a few hours – assembly of the entire structure takes place in a few hours
  • Quality – construction made of high quality prefabricated elements is practically indestructible and resistant to all external factors
  • Durability – reinforced concrete walls with a thickness of 20-25 cm, made of B45 class min, which makes BEWA shelters durable and guarantees safety for you and your loved ones
  • Substructure for simple soil conditions (non-cohesive soils) soil replacement is required. Soil compaction grade Is~0.98.*.
    *-Detailed foundation conditions are specified in the BUILDING PERMIT DESIGN

Shelter parameters

5000 mm
External width:
3100 mm
Internal width:
2700 mm
Length of segments:
5 m
Weight of segments:
25 ton
Can be extended with:
additional segments

Basic equipment

closed with a heavy manhole
Escape routes:
emergency exit
covered with waterproof and slip-resistant glue
gases, particulates and odours
Emergency roads:
emergency entry and exit
Access to water:
water tank 150l
staircase with spiral staircase
toilet with bathroom
raw version or with mattresses
Imitation windows:
Murals with windows (for those suffering from claustrophobia)

Additional equipment

  • Entrance closed with a heavy manhole
  • Staircase with spiral staircase
  • Electrical installation
  • Filtration (gases, particles and odours)
  • Clean and dirty water tank
  • Toilet
  • Emergency power supply
  • Bulkheads
  • Sensors (e.g. radioactive radiation, CO2, battery charge level, hydrogen sensor, weather station, domestic water level, dirty water level, septic tank level and any other according to customer requirements)
  • monitoring
  • communication (radio, TV, Internet)
  • shower
  • sink
  • beds (raw version or with mattresses)
  • stock racks
  • explosion-proof doors and the heavy-type manholes
  • gas-tight door in the vestibule
  • heating (infrared heaters)
  • murals with windows (for people suffering from claustrophobia)
  • possibility to combine modules/li>
  • emergency entry and exit of any length

Interested in the offer

Would you like to find out more about Safe 6 shelters? Write to us and a representative will contact you with an offer!

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